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Let's take a spin
You and me together
Smiling and holding hands.
Let's make a promise
To hug our home
And never let go.

We'll twist and twirl through life
Running, tripping,
Rocking, rolling,
Tumbling, and falling through time,
Gathering memories at every turn.

Our world doesn't just go in a circle
It swings and loops
Never slowing down, never stopping
Never limiting, never unchanging

Why should we resist
Being carried by its wonderful spin?

Every day is different,
Why not make them all peaceful?
We are all the same,
Why do we think we're alone?

Why not reach out
And spin each other's lives
Into one we can all share?

Why not spin together,
Reflect our deepest wishes,
And see all there is to see?

Let's spin with the Earth
As it goes round and round and round
Till our feet take flight
And we are free
From gravity's leash.

Let's take a spin
You and me together
Laughing, crying,
Loving, growing,
Moving, changing
With the endless spiral of life.

"Every day is different, why not make them all peaceful?"

:iconsuzan43: is the person who asked that one day.

ever since then, I have seriously asked myself that every single time
I got mad about something, every day I woke up with a cloud over my head.

it really made a difference how I go about my life. monster thanks, buddy. :iconhappyblueplz:

:iconlll-plz: (but I still don't know how say this to the ones I love and care about.
maybe with a drawing, a song, or a story... I have to find a way.)
SuziePatutie Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
I am so honoured that you found that quote of mine very inspiring, buddy. ;w;
I'm glad that it made you think things like this. Cx :heart:
Monkeytaillo Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011  Student General Artist
:iconawwehplz: :heart:
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October 23, 2011
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